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SF Incandescent

A SciFi Friday Icontest

SF Incandescent Icon Contest
Posting Access:
Select Members , Moderated

Welcome to sf_incandescent (nicknamed sfi), an icon challenge community for the universes of SciFi Channel’s SciFi Friday – Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica. Based on bstg_icontest, sf_incandescent is an all-inclusive weekly icontest permitting the use of both stills and animation. Your friendly neighbourhood mod is shadowserenity (Amsie). Any problems, drop me a line. Credit to the winner banner creators, _atmospheric, lyssie, beeej, ninnui, a_life_verbatim, teddibear, crimson614, tashabear, and azangal_icons. Our community header and icon were designed by a_life_verbatim. S2 overrides by heybritney.

Please read the rules before posting.

.01. You must be a member of the community to enter.
.02. Your icons must meet LJ requirements - 100x100 pixels and 40kb in size.
.03. Challenges and their requirements differ each week. All information will be posted along with the challenges.
.04. You may enter three (3) icons per challenge unless otherwise stated.
.05. Please don't post or use your icon anywhere until the challenge is over. Doing so will result in your icon being disqualified.
.06. DO NOT enter old icons you think will fit the weeks challenge - it defeats the object of this community!
.07. The entered icon must be totally original. This includes the cropping! Please do not use other people's bases.
.08. Please don't ask your friends to vote for you. Just because you have a lot of friends doesn't mean your icon deserves to win.
.09. I reserve the right not to accept your icon if it doesn’t follow challenge requirements or if the image is inappropriate.
.10. While the challenges are for still caps, animation entries are allowed for every challenge unless otherwise stated.

There are three challenge sections every week – one for each series. This format does not change. You may enter submissions in all three sections.
.01. Upload your icon to an image hosting service that allows direct linking (i.e. Photobucket, ImageShack).
.02. Post both the image tag and URL (see below) as a reply to the challenge post. Comments are screened.


If you are unsure about your submission, I will gladly review your icons. I am around throughout the entire submission process. If, prior to or during voting, your image hosting service goes down, I am able to host your entries for a time. You are also permitted to submit your icons in separate posts. For example, you may enter two entries one day and another entry the day after.

.01. To vote you need to have a Livejournal account. No anonymous voting, sorry.
.02. You do not have to enter icons to be eligible to vote. You may watch or join this community for the sole purpose of voting.
.03. Please vote for your favourite three (3) icons in order unless otherwise stated - 1st place will receive 3 points, 2nd place 2 points, and 3rd place 1 point.
.04. Along with the top three, we have three special awards, the BCs – Best Cropping (BC-1), Best Colouring (BC-2), and Best Composition (BC-3). You will be given the opportunity to vote in these special categories. Only one of these awards will be given out each week per challenge. Depending on the week, you could find yourself voting for BC-3 one week and BC-1 the next. All details are provided when voting.
.05. Votes will be screened until the winners are announced.
.06. You may not vote for yourself - it's just wrong.

Example voting format:
CH[SG-1, SGA, or BSG]: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
BC-1/2/3: [here]

At the end of every four weeks, members nominate their favourite icon from that month's worth of challenges. Please note that you may only nominate one icon for each show (one SG-1, one SGA, one BSG) and they must not be your own entries. Nominations are then posted for voting. The icons with the most points are declared the Best of the Month for their respective shows.

.01. I will always try to post the winners a few hours after the conclusion of the voting. If the winners aren’t available at that time, please wait.
.02. All winning entries are posted under their relevant section cut. I do not notify you if you have won.
.03. Once the winners are posted, I will unscreen the votes every week.
.04. I ask that you please give feedback to the winners and also let me know if you enjoyed the challenges. At most, it will only take you five minutes and your feedback is always appreciated.
.05. Please note winners will have to wait several days for winner banners. If there is a problem with your banner/s, please notify the winner banner maker for that week.
.06. Please save your winner banners to your own hard drive or image hosting service. Do not hotlink. No one appreciates hotlinks.
.07. You *must* comment when saving your banner/s. I need to know that you have swung by and picked up your (new) possession.

sf_incandescent is a spoiler-free friendly community. That means I actively try to accommodate the spoiler-free (those that haven’t seen SG-1 S10 and SGA/BSG S3). You may use caps from SG-1’s S1-S9, SGA’s S1-S2, and BSG’s mini-S2 freely. If you are using an SG-1 S10 or SGA/BSG S3 image, it should not involve a spoiler. The image must look as though it could belong to any episode. To aid you, here’s a hypothetical example: you may use an image of Lee Adama sleeping from episode 2.08 “The Day We Flew All Night”. You may *not* use an image of Lee meeting a new Cylon model and them having a romantic interlude in the same episode. Such an image is clearly a spoiler. If you are unsure about whether your submission conforms to this policy, please ask.

Many have asked me if/when they can snag entered icons for their own userpic collection. In response, I have written the following policy.
.01. You are not permitted to snag any of the icons during the voting. Period. The only time you may snag is after the results have been posted for that particular challenge. If the icon you want did not place and so therefore you don't know the creator's username, please ask me.
.02. Many people allow their icons to be snagged with only keyword credit. Given that there might be a few amongst us that would prefer their icons to be shared another way (when they release a new icon collection etc), please approach the iconmaker prior to snagging. Usually posting in the winners thread yields results.
.03. Once you have snagged the icon, please credit the username, not this community. sf_incandescent is not a personal icon journal. It's an icontest community, which means on average it has a dozen or more people participating.

sf_incandescent uses tags to organise its entries by week and post type (voting, winners etc). The link to the tag list is in the header links.

In addition, there is a regularly updated Past Challenges List.

I've created a Photobucket account to house all our advertising buttons. You can find the site here. Feel free to snag the graphics and use on your website, journal, or user info. Advertising is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks to farscapeone, icywind, and endlessdeep for making the buttons.

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